Job Description: Design Assistant for tyler boe

As a tyler boe employee you are expected to:

  • Exemplify the brand esthetic
  • Understand the brand characteristics, quality and customer profile
  • Exude high level of motivation, initiative and team spirit
  • Be open to learn all aspects that makeup the brand

Job Responsibilities

Tech (Technical) Design

*Prep for Fit Meetings: assist with measuring & record in Tk Pks

*Take comprehensive notes during all fit meetings

*Drop in all fit photo’s into Tk Packs(cleaned and cropped)

*Assist with Fit Comments

*Learn technical measuring and specs     

*review all T.O.P’s , under direction of Sr. Tech

*Assist with email correspondents as needed

*Shadow Technical Design in all aspects

Collection Design/Development:

*Learn the system /evolution of a Style-from concept through to Production

*Participate in design meetings to determine; seasonal color stories, prints and initial design objectives

*Work with Head Designer to analyze repeat styles for continuation

*Set Up Tech Packs : drop in Flat Sketch, Inspirational photos, Fabric & Trims under direction of Head Designer

*Participate in Design Hand Offs to Tech Design, to determine appropriate specs

*Work with Head Designer and Sr. Tech Designer to determine Patternmaking responsibility. (NYO or Factory)

*Prep inspiration samples to be sent out; attach tyler boe development tags with specific construction comments, add any patterns that need to be included and set up Fed Ex package.

*Set up Sales Sample tracking

*Work with Head Designer to check in and distribute sales samples

*Set up trim, color and fabric bins to be used for new product development



*Set up Fit sample tracking Chart, after seasonal buy has been made

*Log in fit samples and updating tracking throughout the season



*Participate in Shows (set up, selling to clients, breakdown)


Experience Needed


*College graduate with a major in design/construction, fashion merch

*Entry level position